Avoid the 4 Big Mistakes That Will Keep You from Writing Your Book ...

The Quickstart Your Book Challenge™️ is the perfect starting place if you are a Christian coach, speaker, or influencer, and you want to increase your Kingdom impact by becoming the confident author you are meant to be. 

October 10-13, 2022









The best time to write your book was yesterday.

The second-best time is today.

DAY 1: 

You Will Have a Clarity CreatorStop the confusion. Give what you know a compelling flow so that your book is easier to write, and your future readers won't be able to put it down.

DAY 2: 

You Will Have a Time and Money Map: Stop the worry about whether God wants you to prosper. It's time to use your time better and to dismiss those author money myths so that you can publish your book and create extra income for your family.

DAY 3: 

You Will Have a Publishing Path: Stop the indecision. Learn which publishing option is best and forget the rest so that you can confidently choose the one that is right for your goals.

DAY 4: 

You Will Have a Marketing Mission: Stop the "icky" feelings. Make a launch plan and a team of raving fans so that you will multiply your audience before your book is released.

DAY 5: 

A Bonus Day for VIP Only!

You Will Have a Mindset Makeover: Stop the "small syndrome." Your brain is the key factor that can make it happen faster so you can be sure your success is sooner rather than later. 

The Quickstart Your Book Challenge™️

is for you if: 


📕 You are a coach, speaker, teacher, or influencer who is ready to make more income.

📙 You know you are called to write a book one day, but you don't know where to start.

📒 You are an action-taker who is coachable and persistent.

📗 You aren't interested in wasting your time learning business strategies unless they are based on solid biblical truth.

📘 You are committed to helping other people by sharing the stories, lessons, and insights God has given you.


Hi, I'm Nika Maples, a coach and multiple 6-figure author.

It's your turn.

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🔸 4-Days of Author Training with Nika Maples (MON-THURS)

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OCT 10-13, 2022

10:00-11:00 AM CDT


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🔸 5-Days of Author Training with Nika Maples (MON-FRI for VIPs Only)

🔸 Access to the Quickstart Facebook Group

🔸 The Quickstart Your Book Challenge™️ Printable Workbook

💎 Daily Prize Raffle

💎 Bonus Video: How to Stop Beating Yourself Up

💎 Bonus Video: How to Take a Personal Inventory

💎 Bonus Video: How to Be Still & Listen to the Lord

💎 Bonus Video: How to Declare Truth Over Your Life

💎 Daily Coaching in VIP Zoom Room with Nika Maples

💎 BONUS DAY of TRAINING! The 6-Figure Author Mindset Makeover

OCT 10-14, 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Whether you already have a solid idea or are looking for one, this 4-day training will give you the tools you need to leverage your message to build your platform and grow the audience of eager readers that you have been looking for.

Yes! The recordings of each day's lesson will be made available to all participants in the private Facebook group for 30 days. The recordings of the pre-lesson VIP sessions will be sent by email to VIPs only.

There are two types of tickets available. The General Admission experience is $97 and includes 4 days of training plus acmes to the Facebook community. The VIP experience is $297 and includes 4 days of training, bonuses, and an exclusive VIP pre-lesson Zoom ticket for Q&A plus coaching with Nika Maples, plus optional outline feedback and social media review.

Great question! If you are already in The Keep Writing Course or Anointed Writers, you already have access to everything in this challenge and more! But some of my clients have bought a VIP ticket anyway to have extra coaching time and feedback!

Yes. Each day, I will be offering the training live so that I can interact with you in Facebook (General Admission) and Zoom (VIP Experience) and help you move forward faster. While the trainings will be recorded, the best way for you to get the most out of your experience is to show up live, too.

Yes. However, the money-back guarantee applies to VIP ticket-holders only. I am so certain that you will walk away with 10x the value of your ticket price, that if you purchase a VIP ticket and show up live to all 4 days of the VIP sessions and are still not clear and confident on how you will build your profitable platform, I will gladly return your investment to you.