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The Keep Writing Course is a simple, step-by-step system to write and publish your book so that you can finally see it on bookshelves.










Does This Sound Like the Problem?

YOU FEEL OVERWHELMED ... Every time you try to plan out your book, you get "stumped." When you start to organize your thoughts into chapters or sections, it all seems so amateurish or confusing. You aren't sure if you are doing this right.

YOU FEEL INTIMIDATED ... Every time you sit down at the computer, the blank page stares back at you. After a few minutes of trying to figure out how to get your ideas on paper, you give up and walk away. You don't know where to start.

YOU DON'T HAVE TIME ... Every time you set aside time to write, something comes up. You feel so much pressure. Over and over again, you promise yourself you will start your book next weekend, but you can't seem to fit writing into an already full schedule. You wonder if you are being a good steward of what God has given you.

YOU DON'T FEEL WORTHY ... Every time you daydream about a writing a book, guilt creeps in. You feel unworthy of an author's life. You aren't sure that God approves of your desire to write a book because it might be prideful or selfish to want it. You fear that a writing career isn't meant for you.

YOU THINK IT IS TOO LATE ... Every time you have a surge of energy to take action on your first book, you look at your social media numbers and get depressed. You think you should have built your platform years ago. You worry that you are so behind.

Here's the Solution:

  The Keep Writing Course

  • After learning this simple step-by-step system, you will be able to manage your THOUGHTS so that you can grow more and more confident. It will feel good.
  • After learning this simple step-by-step system, you will be able to multiply your TIME so that you can get more done. It will be doable.
  • After learning this simple step-by-step system, you will be able to maximize your TALENT so that you can quickly finish and publish your book for His glory. It will be soon.
I'm Ready to Write My Book!

Accelerate Through the 5 Stages of Becoming an Author:



The Keep Writing Course Gives You Access To:


  • Step-by Step Videos (What It Does for You: Helps you create your book outline and move from chapter to chapter smoothly.)
  • Tutorials and Templates (What It Does for You: Saves you time by giving you a done-for-you way to format your manuscript and book proposal according to industry standards.)
  • Book Publishing Plan (What It Does for You: Walks you through the exact process to get a literary agent and traditional publisher or the exact process to self-publish.)
  • Marketing Plan (What It Does for You: Shows you how to grow your platform on social media without feeling weird about it.)
  • Printable Workbook (What It Does for You: Keeps you on track and accountable for your progress through the process.)
  • Coaching Replays (What It Does for You: Answers your questions, as you watch Nika coach her clients and answer their questions) 

"Working with Nika made the overwhelming process of getting my book from a big idea to a finished product seem attainable. The way she listened to my goals for the book and then took the big dream and broke it down into manageable segments helped empower me to push through and get it done. Her insight, encouragement and editing style throughout the whole process was a HUGE help. And now I'm about to send my manuscript to my publisher! Could not have done it without Nika's coaching and help throughout!"

Amy Ford
Author of Help Her Be Brave

Don't Keep Putting Off Your Book ...

You can become a published author faster than you think. All you need is a simple, proven system.

MODULE ONE: Planning Your Writing Time

  • Lesson 1: It Takes as Long as It Takes
  • Lesson 2: The Truth Path
  • Lesson 3: Marking the Path Before You Get There

MODULE TWO: Developing Your Idea

  • Lesson 4: Your Person
  • Lesson 5: Your Purpose
  • Lesson 6: Your Promise

MODULE THREE: Organizing Your Message

  • Lesson 7: Preparing Your Mind
  • Lesson 8: Preparing Your Document
  • Lesson 9: Chapter Structure Tutorial

MODULE FOUR: Finding Your Style

  • Lesson 10: Perspective vs. Point of View
  • Lesson 11: Tone vs. Mood
  • Lesson 12: Expectations vs. Consequences

MODULE FIVE: Strengthening Your Communication

  • Lesson 13: Specificity
  • Lesson 14: Approachability
  • Lesson 15: Communication

MODULE SIX: Polishing Your Professional Edge

  • Lesson 16: Clarity
  • Lesson 17: Variety
  • Lesson 18: Beauty

MODULE SEVEN: Fine-Tuning Your Grammar Details

  • Lesson 19: Numbers
  • Lesson 20: Capitals
  • Lesson 21: Pronouns
  • Lesson 22: Hyphens
  • Lesson 23: Apostrophes

MODULE EIGHT: Finalizing Your Book's Components

  • Lesson 24: Title
  • Lesson 25: Dust Jacket Copy
  • Lesson 26: Front and Back Matter
  • Lesson 27: Testimonials and Recommendations

MODULE NINE: Writing Your Book Proposal

  • Lesson 28: Book Proposal Walk-Through

MODULE TEN: Publishing Your Book

  • Lesson 29: Traditional Publishing
  • Lesson 30: Self-Publishing
  • Lesson 31: Book Marketing

MODULE ELEVEN: Building Your Platform

  • Lesson 32: A Platform Is Publishing

MODULE TWELVE: Getting Your Book Into Readers' Hands

  • Lesson 33: Marketing Is Ministry
  • Lesson 34: Selling Is Service

COACHING REPLAYS: Real Questions. Answered.

  • Watch Nika coach her clients tame answer their real-life questions

"With everything Nika shares, the Lord just bubbles out of her. I could ask her to help me make something beautiful out of a plain, white wall, and she could. Some of you are called to write books, and I encourage you to sit under Nika's teaching and authority. She will bring amazing truth and encouragement into your world."

Rachael Gilbert
Speaker and Host, Real Talk with Rachael Podcast

"Nika has a God-given gift of being able to see a finished product and the steps you will need to take to get there. Proverbs 13:14 says, ‘The instruction of the wise is like a life-giving fountain.’ I believe Nika's instruction can help bring your God-sized dreams to life as well."

Becky Brooks
Author of Navigating Motherhood

I can help you finish the book you've always wanted to write.

The Keep Writing Course brings clarity and direction to Christians who are ready to step into their calling as authors.



Hi, I'm Nika.

... if you are looking for a book coach to help you get published in 2024, I'm here for you.

I love Jesus, and for 30 years, I've been active in the publishing industry, making Him known through books. My accomplishments include writing six books (both traditionally published and self-published) as well as being awarded Texas Teacher of the Year.

Now, I am using my expertise to show you how to achieve your publishing goals, with your book in an honored place on bookshelves and in reader's hearts. ♥️

Here's What's Inside:

  • Lifetime access to fvideo trainings (That's 34 life-changing lessons!) = $5,000
  • Lifetime Access to templates and tutorials for your manuscript and book proposal = $1500
  • Book Publishing Plan = $997
  • Marketing Plan = $997
  • Printable Workbook = $197
  • Lifetime access to 45 past coaching call replays with Nika and her clients = $2,997 

Join The Keep Writing Course for just  $7,997

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The Original Keep Writing Course



Everything you need to write and publish your book in 2024.

What you'll get:

  • Step-by Step Videos to Create Your Book Outline and Chapter Structure
  • Tutorials and Templates to Format Your Manuscript and Book Proposal According to Industry Standards
  • Book Publishing Plan to Traditional Publish or Self-Publish
  • Marketing Plan to Grow Your Social Media Platform
  • Printable Workbook to Track Your Progress
  • Coaching Replays to Watch Nika Coach Her Clients and Answer Their Real-Life Questions
I'm Ready to Write My Book!

Get Started, Risk-Free:

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