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If you are a Christian who is looking to spread a message of love and hope to more people, I'd love to help you write your book.

My signature program, The Keep Writing Course, provides all of the practical, step-by-step direction and support you need to get it done. 

Here's What You Might NOT Know.

Even if you are blessed to serve a group of people who are eager to learn from you, you can still ...

REACH MORE. You may never travel to New Zealand or Scotland, but your book can! Just imagine how incredible it will feel to get a message from a reader in one of those places, telling you how much your book meant to them. Your book can move faster and farther than you ever will.

SPEAK MORE. When you finally write that beautiful book on your heart, you will be asked to speak more frequently because readers will want to connect with you and listen to your story in-person. Won't it be amazing to watch your testimony have a greater impact on and for the people who need it the most?

GIVE MORE. Obviously, if you write a book, you will need to sell it, and selling your book will result in an added stream of income. Think of all the ways your family will benefit, as well as the ministries that need your support. Won't it be a delight to provide more resources to the projects that matter most to you?

FEEL MORE. There is no way to measure the peace and joy you will experience when your book is in eager hands. You will no longer worry that you will never complete it. Picture how big your smile will be when you can actually say, "It is finished."




Please Don't MISS Your Chance.

You KNOW God can use the lessons and tools He has given you, and you are SO READY to share them with others, but if you don't write that book, you still have ...

LIMITED IMPACT. You already feel the frustration of not being able to reach as many as you want to. There will always be more people in more places who need God's message of love and hope, but how will you get to them, when there is only so much ONE person can do?

LIMITED OPPORTUNITIES. Every time you have a chance to share the testimony of what God has done in your life, it lights you up on the inside! But, right now, you don't get invited to speak that often, and it is because people don't know you are out there. How can people find you if you never write that book?

LIMITED GIVING. Your heart breaks for the ministries you want to support. Maybe you have even dreamed of giving a HUGE donation that provides life-changing resources to one of your passion projects. You know that writing your book could be the key to making it happen, but you're still waiting to get it done.

LIMITED FREEDOM. A spiritual calling is a privilege, but it feels like a burden when it is just hanging out there, undone, right? You want to move on to the greater things God has planned for you. However, you have a sense that you can't move forward into the freedom of the next season until you complete this act of obedience and write that beautiful book.


I can help you move the needle.

The Keep Writing Course brings clarity to Christian writers who are ready to step into their calling.

What if writing isn't what you thought?

You thought writers were just born with the talent to write. BUT THEY AREN'T.

You thought writers had to write alone. BUT THEY DON'T.

You thought you had to figure out how to write that beautiful book by yourself. BUT YOU DON'T.

A project that has a BIG impact deserves BIG effort. I can make it easier.


I will give you practical tools for writing so you never have to figure out what to do next.

I will introduce you a supportive community so you never have to write alone.

I will strategize with you in a one-on-one session to manage your thoughts so you never have to feel insecure about your writing.

Introducing The Keep Writing Course!

The Keep Writing Course is the only online learning experience of its kind that showcases your talent, offers community & private coaching, and provides meaningful tools that will help you write that book. But the best part? Every lesson is saturated in Scripture, reminding you of what God says about your identity, purpose, and destiny.

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Here's What You Will Be Able to Do:


If you are tired of staring at a blank page and a blinking cursor ... then let me walk you through the method I use to establish the foundation of my manuscript It will bring breakthrough and help ideas flow straight from your heart to the page. Create a customized framework for your book so you know where to start every time you sit down to write.


Now that you have a beautiful manuscript, you are ready dazzle your readers. Your writing is like a special present, and you want people to be excited to open the wrapping! Simply apply the techniques I use to make a manuscript irresistible to literary agents and publishers. I will show you how to bring your best gift to the party, one that really shows off what you have to say.


Your project is now on shelves, but you still need to bring it to your audience with the service principles I use as I advertise and sell my book. I can take the guesswork out of getting the word out. These simple steps elevate your communication. (P.S. You might even think they are fun ... even if you've never enjoyed sales and marketing before).

So, What's inside?


Practical Instruction: 

10 self-paced, video modules

Printable Workbook

Customizable Manuscript Template

Customizable Book Proposal Template


Peer Accountability:

Access to Members-Only Facebook Group

Co-Working Sessions

Prayer Coverage


Personalized Coaching: 

Weekly, Group Coaching and Q & A Sessions

Private Podcast

So ... are you going to work with me to begin your amazing book?

My name is Nika Maples, and I believe I could be the perfect writing mentor for you.

  1. I have a bachelor's degree in mass communications and a master's degree in the Teaching of English. I KNOW the techniques for good writing.
  2. I taught English in schools for twelve years, was named Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year in 2007, and have been a book coach to dozens of writers. I KNOW how to teach all kinds of people.
  3. I have written five books. I KNOW how to get from the first page to the last.
  4. I have run a small press publishing company that produces books and a quarterly magazine. I KNOW what makes readers want to read.
  5. I love the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. I KNOW He is what matters most.

Ready to make your move?

And MY favorite part of the course?

I speak life over you, blessing you with biblical encouragement every step of the way. Each lesson is connected to Scripture and to what God says about your identity, purpose, and destiny. You will grow stronger and more confident with writing as you walk into who you are designed to be.

"Working with Nika made the overwhelming process of getting my book from a big idea to a finished product seem attainable. The way she listened to my goals for the book and then took the big dream and broke it down into manageable segments helped empower me to push through and get it done. Her insight, encouragement and editing style throughout the whole process was a HUGE help. And now I'm about to send my manuscript to my publisher! Could not have done it without Nika's coaching and help throughout!"

Amy Ford
Author of Help Her Be Brave



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10 Self-Paced Video Modules 

Printable Workbook

Customizable Manuscript Template

Customizable Book Proposal Template 

- PLUS -

Access to Members-Only Facebook Group

Co-Working Sessions

Prayer Coverage

Weekly Group Coaching and Q & A Sessions 

Private Podcast

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