You know you're supposed to write a book.

Learn the 4 simple habits you need to get it done.

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In this FREE 5-day workshop you'll learn how to: 


Connect with Your Purpose

You've been thinking, "I don't feel worthy of the calling to write a book."

It is time to develop your writing identity

Learn the habit that will help you catch the vision of who God says you really are.


Create More Time

You've been thinking, "I don't have enough time to write a book."

It is time to develop your writing productivity.

Learn the habit that will help you make the most of the time you already have.


Cure Confusion & Overwhelm

You've been thinking, "I don't know what to do next for my book." 

It is time to develop your writing consistency.

Learn the habit that will help you show up like a professional and tackle that word count.


Conquer Self-Doubt & Comparison

You've been thinking, "I'm not sure I have what it takes to write a book."

It is time to develop your writing ability.

Learn the habit that will elevate your skill and take you to the next level.


Questions & Answers

You've been thinking, "I just wish I could talk to a published author and ask a few questions."

Bring them on! This day is devoted to you. I'll give you my best advice for how to move forward with your publishing goals.

People keep telling you that you should write a book, but they don't tell you how.


That is because a lot of writers are secretive about their methods ... but not me. God has put a beautiful burden on my heart to share what I know with other Christians who want to write books. In fact, it is my privilege to help Kingdom-focused writers fulfill their calling. The more I taken action on this beautiful burden, the more peace and joy I feel.

So what are you doing with your beautiful burden?

Is carrying it bringing you peace? Or is not carrying it bringing you pain?

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First Book Fundamentals Week

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How will you feel when your book is finally finished?

Right now, your unfinished book is always on your mind. You keep thinking you will "get around to finishing it," but even when you set aside time to write, you rarely accomplish as much as you want to.

But imagine what you would feel when you finally finish ...

  • You will be free to pursue what God has for you in the next season.
  • You will enjoy a relaxed mind, instead of constantly feeling that your book is still "undone."
  • You will see the fruits of your effort, as readers rise in love and hope after encountering your message.

I get it. My unfinished book was always on my mind, too.

When I tried to write, I couldn't make progress, and I wondered what was holding me back.

Now, all that has changed. I have written FIVE books, and it is a joy to watch them have a positive impact on my readers. I am committed to giving other writers what it took me so long to discover. If you are ready, I can show you how to conquer what is holding you back so you can finally finish your amazing book. I'm ready to coach you during my FREE 5-Day Workshop: First Book Fundamentals and let's get started!

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First Book Fundamentals Week

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